A Family Affair/The New Serenanicolestudios.com

Simple, clean and beautiful. Three of my favorite design directions. I love how Serena’s redesigned site turned out. I’m also pretty fond of Serena, she’s my cousin! I’m so proud of her and her award-winning photography business. In case you haven’t noticed, she’s taken most of the photos on my site. And she took my wedding photos and shoots our family photos. So I was quite honored to be the dreamer and doer behind Serena’s new site.

Serena wanted a single page site with different sections about the experience of working with her, a portfolio and a contact form. Simple and powerful. Beautifully clear. View the site here. And Serena blogged about the redesign experience too.

One thought on “A Family Affair/The New Serenanicolestudios.com

  1. This was such a dream experience and not just because you are my baby cousin who I adore so much. You were such a joy to work with. You were so patient while I tried to explain my (obviously) non-designer ideas and you were able to turn them into so much more with your amazing abilities! I am so thankful for this experience and the outcome! I get compliments on my site all of the time from clients! XO

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