A Family Affair/The New Serenanicolestudios.com

Simple, clean and beautiful. Three of my favorite design directions. I love how Serena’s redesigned site turned out. I’m also pretty fond of Serena, she’s my cousin! I’m so proud of her and her award-winning photography business. In case you haven’t noticed, she’s taken most of the photos on my site. And she took my wedding photos and shoots our family photos. So I was quite honored to be the dreamer and doer behind Serena’s new site.

Serena wanted a single page site with different sections about the experience of working with her, a portfolio and a contact form. Simple and powerful. Beautifully clear. View the site here. And Serena blogged about the redesign experience too.

BB Event Management & the Case of the Disappearing Rabbit

Jessica is a nice girl. She’s my friend’s friend, and later became my friend. Nice how that works sometimes, isn’t it? So my friendly friend’s friend emails me one day, not too long ago. She works at an event management company but is leaving her job to go out on her own. And guess what, she needs a logo. Woohoo! I love this. Working for yourself is the best thing ever, and helping others on their path to do the same is pretty sweet. So let’s begin with the final product, shall we?


Modern. Clean. Fresh. Youthful. Uh huh. These are all things we were going for. So what’s the BB all about? There’s something about Jessica you need to know. You see, she likes rabbits. In fact, she lives with a couple of them (and her husband too). I knew this about her even when she was still friend’s friend status. So BB is an ode to one of the most famous rabbits out there — Bugs Bunny. And as such we thought we’d incorporate a rabbit into the logo. So without further ado, I present to you the first round of logo ideas that I showed Jessica.

BB Round 1

Are you noticing that there are rabbits here and there isn’t one in the final logo? Well, after Jessica saw the explosion of rabbit logos she thought that maybe it was a bit too rabbity for the corporate event world. And so… round 2.


Rabbit free, but still fun, am I right?

Jessica really fancied the top left logo, and after a little back and forth, that’s the one we took to the color round:


And voila! The rabbit snuck back in:


I love a good rabbit disappearance/reappearance story. Go check out Jessica’s awesome company at bbeventmangement.com 

For Your Bodhi Makeunder

Yoga Therapy. That’s what Laura Dos Santo’s revamped blog is all about. What is yoga therapy you ask? Well, according to Laura and her teachers, “all yoga is therapy, but not all yoga is therapeutic.” I love that statement. As a yoga teacher myself, I have seen too many yoga injuries, too many people think that yoga is exclusively for already bendy people, and too many people think that all yoga is about is pretzel shapes and standing on your head (I do neither of those things). For me, yoga is about healing and transformation. Focusing and channeling your mind while challenging yourself mentally and physically. With yoga, you can do powerful things (in every sense of the word) on and off the mat. That’s why I love it. And you can read so much more about yoga therapy on foryourbodhi.com.

But I digress. What this post is really about is the redesign of For Your Bodhi! I’ve been working with Laura a lot lately, as she is the owner of She Oms. We are making the yoga world clearer and prettier, one site at a time. Gianna redesigned Laura’s original logo and as usual, she did a fabulous job. She also created the brand elements that I utilized in the site design. We wanted a very clean, serene and simple look with a focus on big photos. Before our big makeunder, Laura’s blog was a bit busy. She used a purchased template and it wasn’t very easily customizable. The new design came together rather quickly and is now up and running. Pop on over and take a look for yourself.

My Life as a Freelance Designer with 1-year-old Twins

Photos by Serena Nicole Studios. Sylvie and I on the left, Theo and I on the right.

I guess you could call me a WAHM. If you’re not familiar with mom lingo these days, that’s “Work at Home Mom”. Curious what it’s like with two 1 year olds? Here’s a breakdown of a typical workday for me:

6:30am – One baby wakes up (usually Theo)

7am – Other baby wakes up (usually Sylvie)

7am – 8am Playtime, walk around the neighborhood, or a family jog

8am Breakfast

9am – 10:30am Morning nap. This is usually when I clean up the breakfast mess, eat breakfast myself (still haven’t figured out how to eat my entire breakfast with the babies), and brush my teeth. I remain in my pajamas unless I leave the house, so I don’t worry about the whole getting dressed bit. Then I go to my computer that is now on top of a standing desk. No sitting for this lady, unless I get lazy and use my stool (which I usually do). I usually have about an hour of work time before the kids get up. I check in on my emails (and yes, Facebook) and get an idea on what needs to be done that day. If I don’t have much work, then I may use the time to exercise. Right now I’m loving doing HIIT’s — high intensity interval training — since they’re such a time efficient workout. I’m ALL about efficiency these days. And of course, yoga. If I start soon after the nap begins then I usually get time to shower. I also sometimes need to cook for the kids lunch or dinner, I make them all of their meals, so it just depends on what I have prepared.

10:30am Babies get up. My Mom tries to come over right around when they wake up and stays until their afternoon nap. This is when I have a good amount of time to really focus on work, while my Mom plays with the kids. (thank you Mom!!!)

12:45pm Lunch for the kids

1:30 – 3:30pm Afternoon nap. I clean up the mess from lunch, eat my own lunch, and relax. If I have more work to do, I try to do it now, but sometimes I just need to watch Gilmore Girls.

3:30pm Babies get up. Playtime/keep them occupied till dinner. On Tuesdays and Thursday’s we usually go to Gymboree. Sometimes I might do try to do a little yoga, and sometimes they let me (see video).


5pm Dinner for the kids

6pm Pre bedtime routine/scramble (parents will understand what this means).

6:30pm Bedtime

After bedtime we clean up the dinner mess, do the cloth diaper routine (every other day, wah) and sometimes pick up clutter. We usually check in with work for 30 minutes – 1 hour and then start on dinner for ourselves. Then we watch a show together, preferably HBO.

10:30 or 11pm Our bedtime << I wish this was earlier, but that just never happens.

If you’re thinking this isn’t so bad, I agree! I’m so lucky to have a flexible job that I love doing and that I can do FROM HOME! It really doesn’t get any better in my eyes. And having such a wonderful Mom who comes over daily to play and help with the kids. Part of the reason I wanted to do freelance design was so my days could be like this, and I’m so grateful it’s worked out like I hoped. I really didn’t know how life would be when I found out I was having twins — that had never been part of the “master plan”. I envisioned never sleeping, never showering, not being able to exercise, just being a crazy mess. And yes, that’s how it was for the first couple of months. But wow, they are just the best thing in the world, and watching them grow up together is truly amazing. And if you’re wondering when I leave the house, it’s usually after the afternoon nap and before dinner. Ha. Life is good and I’ve truly never been happier.

She Oms

sheoms-homesheoms-2 sheoms-3 Hello everyone! Long time no talk. It may seem like I haven’t been doing much according to this blog, but trust me, I have! And not just twin related. 🙂 Earlier in the year, my fellow yoga teacher friend Laura approached me about working with her on her new company, She Oms. She Oms is a boutique agency focused on yoga teachers, studios and the yoga-minded entrepreneur. Laura is a marketing and project manager guru. She also brought along her friend Gianna, who is a fabulous logo designer. And together, we are She Oms. It’s been going splendidly over there. We’ve recently launched a couple of big projects: Full Circle Yoga’s website and Kellie Adkin’s website. More on those sites in my portfolio too.  And of course, we did our website together. Gianna designed the logo and brand elements, and I designed the site. She Oms came along at a perfect time for me and I’ve been having so much fun working with Laura and Gianna.