BB Event Management & the Case of the Disappearing Rabbit

Jessica is a nice girl. She’s my friend’s friend, and later became my friend. Nice how that works sometimes, isn’t it? So my friendly friend’s friend emails me one day, not too long ago. She works at an event management company but is leaving her job to go out on her own. And guess what, she needs a logo. Woohoo! I love this. Working for yourself is the best thing ever, and helping others on their path to do the same is pretty sweet. So let’s begin with the final product, shall we?


Modern. Clean. Fresh. Youthful. Uh huh. These are all things we were going for. So what’s the BB all about? There’s something about Jessica you need to know. You see, she likes rabbits. In fact, she lives with a couple of them (and her husband too). I knew this about her even when she was still friend’s friend status. So BB is an ode to one of the most famous rabbits out there — Bugs Bunny. And as such we thought we’d incorporate a rabbit into the logo. So without further ado, I present to you the first round of logo ideas that I showed Jessica.

BB Round 1

Are you noticing that there are rabbits here and there isn’t one in the final logo? Well, after Jessica saw the explosion of rabbit logos she thought that maybe it was a bit too rabbity for the corporate event world. And so… round 2.


Rabbit free, but still fun, am I right?

Jessica really fancied the top left logo, and after a little back and forth, that’s the one we took to the color round:


And voila! The rabbit snuck back in:


I love a good rabbit disappearance/reappearance story. Go check out Jessica’s awesome company at 

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