Michelle Burdo’s Logo Design Process

I’ve been busy working on a lot of different design projects (and moving to Germany), although you wouldn’t know it from looking at this blog. So to get started on sharing some of my recent work, here’s a peek at the process of Michelle Burdo’s new logo, which we wrapped up last month. I’ve been working with Michelle for a while now, and she’s a lot of fun to collaborate with. I’ll start with the final product:


Clean, professional, sleek, but still conveying Michelle’s fun and bright personality. So how did we get to the final product? We started by exchanging inspiration and ideas. My first few mock-ups of logo options were all in black and white, before things started getting narrowed down.


I’d sum up the process as lots of communication and lots of refining. Eventually we added color schemes to choose from, while the designs were still being nailed down.


Creating a logo often takes more work and collaboration than people may think. There’s usually a lot of back and forth and a lot of unused designs. All of that work comes together to form the final logo. After all, your logo is the face of your brand, so it should be thoroughly considered. What do you think about how it turned out?

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New Work: Wedding Roses


Guess what? I’m engaged! The most exciting part has been designing the Save the Date. I did about 8 versions before coming up with this one. I ordered them from Moo, and I’m totally in love.

What do you think?

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New Work: Energy of Service’s Website

I’m excited to share Energy of Service’s new website, which we launched today. I’ve known the owner Amber Melendy for several years now in the most wonderful of ways. First, she was my yoga teacher. I started taking yoga classes at Shine On Yoga soon after I started my first job out of college. Amber owns Shine On and I went to her class just about weekly. A year later, I decided to enroll in yoga teacher training, led by Amber of course. It was life changing. After graduating, I started teaching yoga part-time while still working at my full-time design job. A little over a year later I decided to go freelance. I called Amber again, and lo and behold she was looking for both a yoga teacher and a web designer. So I started teaching classes at Shine On and working on her website. Serendipitous, wouldn’t you say?

Energy of Service is Amber’s mission to help people find holistic wellness through yoga, breath work, meditation, energy healing, essential oils, hemisync and more.  I loved creating her website and making something that conveys her generous and kind spirit. Whenever I look at it I smile — how could you not with the gorgeous photo of her beaming? Check out Energy of Service to see the rest.

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A Day in Strasbourg, France

Even though we only spent 10 hours in Strasbourg, I managed to take over 300 photos. Our American companions, Justin and Lauren, were very forgiving of my constant stops to snap a few more.  It’s a really pretty city by the border of Germany, so it’s a little German, a little French. It’s in the Alsace region, known for its excellent wine, beer and cuisine. I thought it was like a relaxed, friendly, and small version of Paris.

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I’ve been staying in the town of Freudenstadt this past week, in western Germany. It’s a quaint and quiet town in the Black Forest. I walked to this pick-your-own flower field the other day to enjoy the sunshine and the views.

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