Romantik Heidelberg

I’m back in Germany! After landing in Frankfurt on Saturday morning, we drove up to Heidelberg (driving in a foreign country is a whole other story). After getting lost more than a few times, we found our hotel on a tiny road in the mountains. After a long nap we went out for a walk, and the photo above is the first one I shot. Wow, right? That’s Heidelberg Castle, which was first built in the 1200’s. Heidelberg is a popular tourist destination, known for being romantik — in terms of being home to many famous poets and writers during the Romantic period, and for being a picturesque and charming spot for couples. (Yep, I read Wikipedia.) The city is breathtaking, and we enjoyed strolling around Old Town, eating tasty meals and exploring the castle ruins.


Austin – June 2012 from shelleyeaster on Vimeo.

Kris and I went to Austin, Texas last week. We ate lots of Tex-Mex, drank Lone Stars, and enjoyed live music everyday. Does it get any better than that?

I decided not to bring my big fancy camera this trip, and instead shot as much video as I could on my iPhone. I jokingly told someone that asked me why I was taking a video of my pizza slice that I was doing it “for my art”. It dawned on me a bit later that that was actually true. I love doing stuff like this, and I’ve already re-watched the video at least a dozen times. It’s the best souvenir I could have taken home. Keep Austin weird, y’all!

Road Trip to Freiberg

This weekend we took an hour and a half drive over to Freiberg. The city is in the Black Forest, and our drive over was filled with scenes of beautiful mountains and charming towns. It’s a very popular regional tourist destination, but it didn’t seem like a big international spot, which made me feel all the luckier to be there experiencing it. The city was founded in the early 12th century, and the intricate stonework everywhere was beautiful. I loved the Bächle, the gutters that carry water from the Dreisam that are everywhere in Freiberg. We had a nice time visiting the bustling city, despite the dreary and mostly rainy weather. It was much more metropolitan than our little spot in Freudenstadt.

New Beginnings

I’m writing this post from my boyfriend’s apartment in Germany. From a little town called Freudenstadt to be exact. He’s staying here temporarily while working on a project for his dissertation. Why am I here? Well, I have to go back a few weeks to explain.

At the end of March, I was laid off from my job in the textbook world. It was unexpected, but not exactly unpleasant news. I’ve long been living two lives — my full-time position in textbooks, and my freelance life at night. And freelance was where my heart was. Granted, I don’t want to pretend that I was thrilled to be laid off, I would have much rather left on my own terms, and with more of a plan. But because of my freelance gigs, I wasn’t freaking out. It took me only a few days to decide I would take the plunge and commit to becoming a full-time freelancer. After all, being a freelance designer has always been my idea of a dream job and I’ve longed to make it work for a while. And I’m so happy to say that 3 weeks in, it’s really working for me.

So back to why I’m writing this from Germany. I already had a European vacation planned for a couple of months, but after I was laid off, I was able to extend my trip.  So now, laptop in lap, here I am, working away in Germany during the day, and exploring the town at night. Oh, the joys of freelancing! I’ll be here for a week and a half, then off to Amsterdam and Brussels.

This month has truly been a time of transformation for me. I’ve moved my blog to my portfolio site, to have everything all together. I turned 25 yesterday. And I cut bangs. Whew.

Stay tuned!