A Day in Strasbourg, France

Even though we only spent 10 hours in Strasbourg, I managed to take over 300 photos. Our American companions, Justin and Lauren, were very forgiving of my constant stops to snap a few more.  It’s a really pretty city by the border of Germany, so it’s a little German, a little French. It’s in the Alsace region, known for its excellent wine, beer and cuisine. I thought it was like a relaxed, friendly, and small version of Paris.

Romantik Heidelberg

I’m back in Germany! After landing in Frankfurt on Saturday morning, we drove up to Heidelberg (driving in a foreign country is a whole other story). After getting lost more than a few times, we found our hotel on a tiny road in the mountains. After a long nap we went out for a walk, and the photo above is the first one I shot. Wow, right? That’s Heidelberg Castle, which was first built in the 1200’s. Heidelberg is a popular tourist destination, known for being romantik — in terms of being home to many famous poets and writers during the Romantic period, and for being a picturesque and charming spot for couples. (Yep, I read Wikipedia.) The city is breathtaking, and we enjoyed strolling around Old Town, eating tasty meals and exploring the castle ruins.

Tulip Mania

 The morning of Queen’s Day in Amsterdam, we took a short day trip out to the Keukenhof Gardens. It was one of my favorite things we did during our Eurotrip. I’ve been to a lot of botanical gardens in different cities, but none can compare to the Keukenhof. The tulips are simply immaculate, and unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The gardens are full of vivid colors and fantastically designed flower beds. And, as seen above, you could venture out to the tulip fields that are grown for the bulb and cut flower industry. It’s one of the most special things I’ve ever seen.

Going Dutch

 After staying with Kris at his work apartment in Germany, we went on a little Eurotrip to Holland and Belgium. Amsterdam was my favorite. We got there a few days before Queen’s Day, a huge national holiday that’s basically a big street party where everyone wears orange. Because our apartment was on the canals, we were right in the thick of it.