A Family Affair/The New Serenanicolestudios.com

Simple, clean and beautiful. Three of my favorite design directions. I love how Serena’s redesigned site turned out. I’m also pretty fond of Serena, she’s my cousin! I’m so proud of her and her award-winning photography business. In case you haven’t noticed, she’s taken most of the photos on my site. And she took my wedding photos and shoots our family photos. So I was quite honored to be the dreamer and doer behind Serena’s new site.

Serena wanted a single page site with different sections about the experience of working with her, a portfolio and a contact form. Simple and powerful. Beautifully clear. View the site here. And Serena blogged about the redesign experience too.

For Your Bodhi Makeunder

Yoga Therapy. That’s what Laura Dos Santo’s revamped blog is all about. What is yoga therapy you ask? Well, according to Laura and her teachers, “all yoga is therapy, but not all yoga is therapeutic.” I love that statement. As a yoga teacher myself, I have seen too many yoga injuries, too many people think that yoga is exclusively for already bendy people, and too many people think that all yoga is about is pretzel shapes and standing on your head (I do neither of those things). For me, yoga is about healing and transformation. Focusing and channeling your mind while challenging yourself mentally and physically. With yoga, you can do powerful things (in every sense of the word) on and off the mat. That’s why I love it. And you can read so much more about yoga therapy on foryourbodhi.com.

But I digress. What this post is really about is the redesign of For Your Bodhi! I’ve been working with Laura a lot lately, as she is the owner of She Oms.¬†We are making the yoga world clearer and prettier, one site at a time. Gianna redesigned Laura’s original logo and as usual, she did a fabulous job. She also created the brand elements that I utilized in the site design. We wanted a very clean, serene and simple look with a focus on big photos. Before our big makeunder, Laura’s blog was a bit busy. She used a purchased template and it wasn’t very easily customizable. The new design came together rather quickly and is now up and running. Pop on over and take a look for yourself.

New Work: PLAYGROUND Mag’s New Site

playground-home playground-home playground-stylepage

Behold, PLAYGROUND Magazine’s newly redesigned website! This site was one of my biggest freelance projects to date. There are hundreds of articles and tons of features. A playguide listing section, ads, calendar, lots of social media integration, and custom post types. I’ve been teaming up with Heather Reneau, the founder of PLAYGROUND for years now. It’s always fun to work on, I love their fun look and bright photos. Hop on over to check out the full site! playground-magazine.com