New Beginnings

I’m writing this post from my boyfriend’s apartment in Germany. From a little town called Freudenstadt to be exact. He’s staying here temporarily while working on a project for his dissertation. Why am I here? Well, I have to go back a few weeks to explain.

At the end of March, I was laid off from my job in the textbook world. It was unexpected, but not exactly unpleasant news. I’ve long been living two lives — my full-time position in textbooks, and my freelance life at night. And freelance was where my heart was. Granted, I don’t want to pretend that I was thrilled to be laid off, I would have much rather left on my own terms, and with more of a plan. But because of my freelance gigs, I wasn’t freaking out. It took me only a few days to decide I would take the plunge and commit to becoming a full-time freelancer. After all, being a freelance designer has always been my idea of a dream job and I’ve longed to make it work for a while. And I’m so happy to say that 3 weeks in, it’s really working for me.

So back to why I’m writing this from Germany. I already had a European vacation planned for a couple of months, but after I was laid off, I was able to extend my trip.  So now, laptop in lap, here I am, working away in Germany during the day, and exploring the town at night. Oh, the joys of freelancing! I’ll be here for a week and a half, then off to Amsterdam and Brussels.

This month has truly been a time of transformation for me. I’ve moved my blog to my portfolio site, to have everything all together. I turned 25 yesterday. And I cut bangs. Whew.

Stay tuned!

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